My name is Gb Kim, also known as Ghangbin Kim.  As an artist, I consider the practice of image making to be one of translation.  Legibility of the work and awareness of the burdens of representation are my primary responsibilities in the endeavor to translate.  

It is namely art that has been the pursuit of my scholarship, but science, medicine, and technology inform my practice; these spaces/topics/modes are my culture.

I have found a particular borderland of interest in science fiction—a space that attends to the osmosis between science and the imaginative act.  In my current work I am investigating the triangulation between animal, human, and machine as well as exploring the structural scaffolding (historicity of medicine and science) that exists to conjure, reinforce, negate, and control notions of what human health looks like, feels like, costs, etc.  It is through this work that I attempt to locate myself within socially agentive art and decolonizing discourses.


BFA in Illustration from Parsons the New School for Design—2014

MA in Arts Politics from New York University Tisch School of Arts—2016